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Estepona – one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia

Estepona is a lovely town located along the Mediterranean coast and nestled within the Sierra Bermeja Natural Park, a mountain range with an average altitude of approximately 1000 m.

Estepona – the city of flowers

Estepona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, enchanting with each of its corners, where you can fully enjoy the essence of the coastal Andalusian climate. Formerly a small fishing village, today a dynamic and lively town known as the city of flowers – Jardin de la Costa del Sol. A beautiful old town with cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, intricately painted ceramic tiles, pots full of colorful flowers, patios and terraces. Estepona is, despite its dynamic development, still a magical place that preserves local customs and traditions in full harmony with its modern aspect.

Estepona - Casco Antiguo

Estepona attractions

Estepona's Orchidarium

Estepona offers a variety of activities. The most interesting of them is the “Orquidiarium”. It’s a botanical garden, where you can find the largest orchid collection in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. This unique orchidarium in Estepona is a guaranteed feast for the senses. Even if you are not a fan of botanical gardens, the one in Estepona offers so many fragrances and a variety of colors that you will surely like it.

3 themed routes in the center of Estepona

There are also three themed routes in the historic center of Estepona:

  1. Ruta de murales (the mural trail in Estepona) – a trail of street paintings made on the facades of houses by local artists, the so-called murals. These are real works of art, which over time have become one of the main attractions and the trademark of Estepona, filling the city space with its unique character and color.
  2. Ruta de esculturas – a trail of 46 sculptures and monuments integrated into colorful streets and monuments. The sculptures pay tribute to the important figures and events of the city and the region.
  3. Ruta de poesia – a poetry trail with 33 plaques with poems by national and international poets. It is a themed city sightseeing route that perfectly blends in with the colorful and romantic Andalusian atmosphere. Spanish poetry is a significant part of the exhibition. Among the foreign works there is a Polish Nobel Prize winner, Wisława Szymborska, with a poem entitled "Nothing Twice".

Estepona - poem by Szymborskiej

Selwo Aventura – a must-see if you are visiting Estepona with your children

Selwo Aventura in Estepona is a wildlife park where you can not only see more than 2,000 animals, but also stroke and feed some of them. The park is divided into 4 parts, in each of them there are attractions for visitors such as camel rides, jumping on a trampoline or walking on hanging bridges. We especially recommend visiting the part of the "Cañón de las Aves" (bird gorge). It is one of the largest natural aviaries in Europe, home to species such as cranes, toucans and storks.

Estepona – La Rada Beach (Playa de la Rada)

Estepona is situated on the seafront, which will be appreciated by people who like sun, water and relaxation in beautiful natural surroundings. Playa de la Rada is the most popular beach in Estepona and is almost 2,600 meters long. It was awarded the Blue Flag (these decorations are awarded every year to the best beaches in the world). On this Estepona beach you will find all the amenities you need for a stress-free vacation by the water.

Estepona - promenade

In Estepona it is worth seeing...

Among the local attractions of Estepona are also the archaeological museum, bullfighting arena – corrida and the ruins of Castillo San Luis. The castle in its present shape was built by the Spaniards after the Moors were driven out of Estepona in 1457. It was built on the ruins of an Arab castle.

Is it worth buying a property in Estepona?

The location of this lovely town full of Andalusian charm is undoubtedly one of its main advantages. It is just an hour's drive from Málaga Airport. Estepona offers a wide range of properties in both the secondary and primary markets. Thanks to its hot, sunny climate, this magical place offers us plenty of outdoor activities. Here you can go horse riding, diving, climbing, mountain walks, fishing, golfing or sunbathing. This attractive mix is ​​complemented by a rich kaleidoscope of cultural and entertainment events, an extensive culinary range as well as the cordiality and openness of local residents. All these ingredients complete the recipe for a dream vacation home. Buying a property in Estepona is a great and right decision.